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October 30, 2020 (Updated February 19, 2021)

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For as long as anyone can remember sushi has been synonymous with Japanese cuisine. This delicious staple continues to take the world by storm and foodies across the globe are oh-so-grateful.

In Krakow, sushi lovers are spoilt for choice with a long line of restaurants whipping up scrumptious sushi assortments of all kinds. We’ve picked out 15 of the best, so the next time you’ve got sushi on your mind you’ll know where to head.

tao by zen
77 Sushi

Stare Miasto

From ramen to wakame salad, it’s safe to say that 77 Sushi has mastered the art of traditional Japanese cuisine—but if you should try only one thing from their menu, it’s got to be the sushi. For us, it’s always a toss up between the triple taste uramaki sushi with salmon, tuna and butterfish sprinkled with freshly chopped chives, and the futo grill kabayaki with grilled salmon, avocado, lettuce, cucumber and a drizzle of kabayaki sauce.

Roru Sushi


Famed for their beautifully composed sushi sets, Roru Sushi is a local gem, dishing up every kind of sushi imaginable in the middle of Podgórze.

You can’t go wrong with the crunch maki set with salmon tartare and leek, but if you’re after something extra, then the fuji set with steamed shrimp nigiri, salmon nigiri, 6 cucumber hoso, 6 tuna guto, 6 salmon hoso, and 8 special unagi rolls is what you’re after.

Bluefin Sushi is a culinary haven for vegetarians who love Japanese cuisine.

Bluefin Sushi

Stare Miasto

Nestled in the buzzing heart of Stare Miasto, Bluefin Sushi is a culinary haven for vegetarians who love Japanese cuisine. This small Japanese bistro will win you over with their scrumptious (and visually stunning) vegetarian sushi, like the hosomaki with inari tofu, and the tofu futomaki with vegetables.

For the ultimate culinary experience, go for the wege set that comes complete with 2 avocado nigiri, 2 takuan nigiri, 2 wege uramaki and 6 wege futomaki rolls.

Yamato Sushi


With no less than five hundred five-star reviews, Yamato Sushi reigns as one of the most-loved spots for sushi in Krakow.

From the traditional nigiri sushi, to the crispy sushi in tempura, the team here manage to make every, single, roll absolutely perfect. The main showstopper here is the oshi sushi, one of the ancient sushi forms that comes with a variety of toppings pressed into the rice: our favourite is the kabayaki with pickled eel.

Sushi Mafia


Favorited by locals for their high quality standards and friendly prices, Sushi Mafia dishes up some of the best budget-friendly sushi in Krakow.

Especially their sushi sets which are excellent value for money, like the classic one with 6 salmon futomaki with avocado and oshinko, 6 salmon uramaki (otherwise known as California sushi rolls), 6 cucumber and salmon hosomaki, and 2 nigiri sushi with salmon.

Urara Sushi has already gained quite a cult following amongst local foodies.

Urara Sushi & Ramen

Stare Miasto

Fusing Taiwanese and Japanese flavours, this sushi restaurant in Stare Miasto is one of our latest discoveries in Krakow. Despite its recent opening, Urara Sushi has already gained quite a cult following amongst local foodies thanks to their minimalist menu showcasing the best of authentic Japanese cuisine.

We love their vegetarian sushi rolls, like the kanpyo futomaki with Japanese gourd, takuan radish and green cucumber salad, and if you’re craving seafood, look no further than the grilled salmon roll with green onion, deep-fried in tempura. 

Tao Garden/ Tao Thai & Sushi / Tao by Zen


Tao Garden is a popular spot amongst Krakow’s sushi lovers for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s conveniently located by the Bernetaka bridge on the Vistula river, however the view will be the last thing on your mind once you take a look at their sushi menu.

From their maguro tataki with fired tuna, fresh ginger, garlic and cucumber, to their vege roll with avocado, marinated tofu and shiitake mushrooms, you won’t regret choosing Tao for your next sushi feast.

Musso Sushi

Stare Miasto

The team at Musso Sushi has dished up rolls at some of the most well known Japanese restaurants across Europe, including Sushi Samba in London and Kiin Kiin, Copenhagen, so you can expect to tuck in to the very best.

The menu here also boasts some unusual yet delicious flavour combinations, starting with their uramaki salmon gravadlax with marinated salmon, beetroot, philadelphia cheese and green onion. Then there’s the hot unagi futomaki with eel, pickled cucumber and Japanese karashi mustard coated with panko, and we can’t forget their futomaki maguro, a delicious mix of tuna, mango, pickled hot onion, mayonnaise and tobiko (a type of fish roe).

The team at Musso Sushi has dished up rolls at some of the most well known Japanese restaurants across Europe.

Edo Sushi

Kazimierz (Stare Miasto)

Opening its doors in 2005, Edo Sushi prides itself on being Krakow’s longest running sushi-bar. The team at Edo Sushi pays true homage to Japanese culinary traditions by strictly complying to both Japanese recipes and rules, and using only the highest quality of Japanese ingredients.

Now for some must-tries. We just love their gunkan maki crunchy salad with surimi, cucumber, octopus, salad and mayonnaise,  along with their salmon oyaki maki with ginger and wasabi coated in salmon roe.

If you’re dining with company, look no further than their Kodo set—a 12 piece assortment of sake-salmon nigiri, tuna maguro nigiri, butterfish ibodai (a type of fish) nigiri, and sake California with salmon, avocado, mayonnaise and sesame.

edo sushi
Hana Sushi

Kazimierz (Stare Miasto)

Hana Sushi is the only Michelin-recommended sushi restaurant in Krakow. We’d need more fingers to list all the reasons we love this Asian fusion eater, but we’ll let their menu do the convincing.

Starting with their yasai futomaki with avocado, cucumber, marinated calabash, pickled radish and lettuce, followed by the uramaki white angel with salmon, avocado, and cucumber topped with sea bass, avocado and lemon zest. It would be wrong not to mention their sumo tempura, 12 mouth-watering pieces with tuna, salmon, sea bass, avocado, cucumber, crab meat, surimi and marinated sweet calabash topped with green onion, ten-katsu and flying fish roe.

Hana Sushi is the only Michelin-reviewed sushi restaurant in Krakow.

As you could see, we could go on, but we’ll let you take the exploring from here.

Yana Sushi & Ramen


Not only is this local spot popular for its irresistible ramen bowls, it’s also lauded as one of Krakow’s top spots for sushi.

That’s probably because their menu offers almost every sushi variation imaginable, from the tuna and shrimp sashimi with tuna, boiled shrimp, tempura leek, oshinko (a type of Japanese pickle), jalapeno and kobe sauce to their toasted salmon uramaki with truffles, avocado, leek, cream cheese and cucumber.

Special mention must go to their uramaki dorada with lime.

Special mention must go to their uramaki dorada with lime, a deliciously unique sushi dish stuffed with cream cheese, lime juice, sea bream, avocado, cucumber and kabayaki sauce.

yana sushi & ramen
Sushi Koi Fish

Stare Miasto

Sushi Koi Fish is another one of our most beloved spots in town for scrumptious sushi. Just a stone’s throw away from the main Market Square (Rynku Głównego), the menu here is an extensive one, and it can take some self control to stop yourself from ordering one of everything.

With this in mind, we recommend opting for their yamato set, a delicious 24 piece assortment of hosomaki turnips, grilled futomaki with lettuce, cream cheese and cucumber, grilled salmon uramaki with sesame, smoked salmon nigiri and avocado-calabash nigiri, the perfect introduction to everything Sushi Koi Fish has to offer.

sushi koi fish
Nago Sushi & Sake

Stare Miasto

Nago Sushi & Sake is a truly authentic fine dining experience thanks to Marek Siol, their celebrated chef. Siol is obsessed with quality and taste, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands when it comes to sushi here.

We’re loyal fans of their rainbow maki dishes, especially the rainbow maki with vegetables, ponzu (a Japanese citrus-based sauce), and flying fish caviar, followed closely by their rainbow maki with butter asparagus, spices, shitake and a delicious truffle dressing.

Our most recent discovery is their clam futomaki with St. Jacobs scallops in tempura.

But our most recent discovery is their clam futomaki with St. Jacobs scallops in tempura—it was love at first bite.

yana sushi & Ramen

Stare Miasto

Nothing beats wolfing down mouth-watering sushi in the comfort of your own home, and this takeaway restaurant in Stare Miasto lets you do just that. We should warn you though, their menu is never-ending and we’ve ended up finding new favourites by the minute.

Not to worry, all that means is that there are no bad choices here, whether you go for their sashimi salmon with oshinko turnip, kanpyo calabash and lettuce, their uramaki crab stick with cucumber, lettuce, kanpyo calabash and sesame, or their premium black dragon with tempura prawns, kanpyo calabash, cucumber and leek topped with eel, unagi sauce and sesame.

Nothing beats wolfing down mouth-watering sushi in the comfort of your own home.

Ginza Sushi 


Just one quick glance at Ginza Sushi’s menu and you’ll know exactly why we’ve chosen to end our list with this Japanese eatery. Plating up everything from dumplings to noodles—and of course, out-of-this-world sushi—Ginza Sushi ranks highly on any list of Krakow’s best sushi spots.

If we have to pick favourites, the uramaki grill teriyaki with grilled butterfish in teriyaki sauce, cheese, lettuce, and a choice between cucumber and turnip is always a winner. Another hit is the special maki rainbow deluxe roll, with salmon, tuna, butterfish, lettuce and cream cheese wrapped in eel. For vegetarians, their vegetarian futomaki sakami roll with tempura asparagus, avocado, turnip, lettuce and cheese is just one of the delicious options awaiting you.

The uramaki grill teriyaki is always a winner.

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