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October 28, 2020 (Updated August 2, 2021)

Here’s everything you need to try in Wroclaw this summer

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the new restaurants now delivering delicious eats across Wroclaw.

It is no secret that Wroclaw has some pretty amazing restaurants. From award-winning gourmet eats, to a tasty and budget-friendly lunch, foodies in this Polish city are seriously spoilt for choice this summer. 

Our guide has rounded up the best new restaurants to try this season, so you can discover something new to eat, no matter what you’re craving.

Misa Hindusa for Indian cuisine with a modern twist

Stare Miasto

From biryani to tikka masala, Misa Hindusa puts a cheeky spin on the classic Indian cuisine. Make sure you try their twist on palak paneer, homemade fresh cheese cooked in with Indian masala spices and green peas, with a side of aromatic basmati rice. Whilst carnivores should check out the lamb hara maal; a zesty green curry perfected with fresh herbs, coriander and mint leaves. 

Carnivores should check out the lamb hara maal curry with fresh coriander and mint leaves.

The chorizo burger at Doctors’Bar is a must-try

Stare Miasto

Meet your new favourite burger joint in Wroclaw, Doctors’Bar. Their menu boasts only four buns, but you can be sure that each one of them packs plenty of flavour. Smokey and perfectly juicy, their beef bun with chorizo smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, veggies and a jalapeno mayonnaise is our go-to pick. Live it up and pair your burger with the sweet potato fries with mango jalapeno mayonnaise, and the crispy loaded nachos topped with cheddar cheese, guacamole, creme fraiche and tomato salsa. 

Scena Pierogowa
The french toast with orange filets at Czarna Magia Cafe

Stare Miasto

Czarna Magia Cafe has secured a special place in our hearts thanks to their drool-worthy brunch menu, boasting hits like french toast with orange-flavoured ricotta, thinly sliced orange fillets and a dusting of powdered sugar. Not in the mood for sweets? Start your morning with their freshly baked focaccia, topped with a poached egg, blanched spinach and Parmesan cheese.

This kebab bistro delivers great tortillas, too


Anastazja is widely known to dish up some of the best chicken kebab in town, but the snack menu here is full of hits. The tortilla filled with melted cheese, mushrooms, onions and a creamy sauce is the perfect afternoon snack. And if you’ve sworn off carbs, you’ll love the Mexican salad with pineapple, red beans, cheese, mayonnaise and hot peppers. 

Get a taste of homemade Polish cuisine atBar Domowe Posiłki

 Psie Pole

From Monday to Wednesday, Bar Domowe Posiłki delivers homemade Polish grub; the perfect chance to order their juicy kotlet mielony with potatoes for lunch. There’s also the breaded chicken fillet, stuffed with mushrooms and melted cheese, and the platter of meat pierogi dumplings, each as tasty as the other.

Gusto Mio for the spring tagliatelle with smoked bacon


There’s no such thing as too much pasta, and luckily for us, Gusto Mio plates up carbs in all shapes and sizes. We’re slightly addicted to their spring tagliatelle with smoked bacon, green peas, leek and Parmesan cheese in a creamy garlic sauce. Another one of our obsession is the fettuccine bowl, full of spinach, gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomatoes, pistachios and Parmesan. 

scena pierogowa
Scena Pierogowa for homemade pierogi in Wroclaw Krzyki


Dumpling lovers rejoice, because Scena Pierogowa has now started delivering. Golden and crispy, their pierogi are a dream come true… whether you order them with spinach and feta, or a mushroom and mascarpone filling. Vegans, you’ll want to try the red lentil dumplings with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic.

Golden and crispy, their pierogi are a dream come true.

The pad thai at Twok never disappoints

Stare Miasto

Healthy and filling, wok stir fry is pretty much the perfect lunch. And what’s even better, Twok now delivers it straight to your home. Made with rice noodles, their classic pad thai with eggs, mun mushrooms, bamboo, mun bean sprouts, fresh coriander and lime juice is a reliably good option—and if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even make your own customized wok pan.

Grill Brothers for its vegetarian burger with grilled camembert

Stare Miasto, Krzyki

Whether you love your cheeseburger with a load of pickles, or you’d rather order your bun with extra hot sauce, Grill Brothers will satisfy all your burger cravings. Their household specialty, the grill brothers burger, will surprise you with a delicious combination of jalapeno, onion, cheddar, mango sauce, bacon, white dressing and fresh veggies. Looking for a meat free bun? The vegetarian burger with grilled camembert, rucola, cranberries, pickles and a creamy white dressing is the order for you.

Grill Brothers will satisfy all your burger cravings.

For a veggie lunch, check out the buddha bowl Green Bean


Green Bean is our best tip for a nourishing, no-nonsense lunch in Śródmieście. Their daily lunch menu showcases a plethora of budget-friendly gems, including the tender grilled chicken fillet layered with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

If you’re craving your daily dose of vitamins, the buddha bowl comes full of quinoa, black lentils, tofu, roasted sweet potatoes and beetroots, baby spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, white turnips and a homemade dressing.

scena pierogowa
Discover Armenian specialties at Andali Georgian Food

Stare Miasto

Nestled in the heart of Stare Miasto, this eatery is our top pick for discovering Armenia’s best dishes, so if you’re new to Armenian food you’ll be an instant convert.

We can’t go past their homemade soup with sweet pepper, carrot, potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms and cauliflower.  Another must-try is their lula kebab wrapped in lavash, a typical Armenian bread, and packed with grilled beef, salad and vegetables, perfect for lunch.

Have you ever tried a caucasian sauce before? Originally from the Caucasus region (mainly formed by Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan), expect a unique blend of flavours, like the caucasian tomato sauce with nutmeg and cinnamon and their traditional garlic sauce with herbs. At Andali’s, you can taste it yourself by ordering their chicken pasta with beetroot, feta and caucasian  sauce.

Pizza pan rukola by Per Pan Placek

Pracze Odrzańskie

Per Pan Placek delivers one of the best wood-fired pizzas straight to your home in Wroclaw. The menu showcases a variety of simple yet delicious classics, like the pizza pan pepperoni with cheese, salami, jalapeno and black olives. If you’re after something other than just your usual margherita, then their pizza carbonara topped with cream sauce, champignons, onion, bacon, and olives is a gamechanger. The biggest surprise, however, is the pizza pan rukola: cheese, Black Forest ham, roasted sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, arugula, brie cheese, believe us when we say this flavour combination will take your pizza order to a whole new level.

Their pizza carbonara topped with cream sauce is a gamechanger.

A la Sushi delivers first-class sushi rolls


Ala-Sushi Kamienna takes this Japanese speciality very seriously, meaning you can expect all of the choice. When it comes to classics like the Philadelphia roll, nothing beats their ebi Philadelphia with shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, rice, and nori. Another favourite is their spicy grill roll featuring smoked salmon, Sriracha sauce, rice, and nori. For a little taste of everything, order their futomaki set with extra teriyaki sauce.

Order the pizza timo at Happy Little Truck

Stare Miasto

We love Happy Little Truck for its tasty Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas. This family-owned food truck plates up the classics we all love, like a quality pizza margherita, and the always famous pizza diavola, to house creations  like their pizza chorizo ​​topped with mozzarella, honey and chilli oil. If we had to choose only one pizza, it’d have to be the timo with tomato sauce, mozzarella, scamorza cheese, olives and fresh thyme.

Georgian cuisine at Pan Gruzin

Nowy Dwór

If you’re a fan of Georgian cuisine, and you live around Nowy Dwór, Pan Gruzin is about to become your new favourite Georgian bakery (if it wasn’t already). We’re regulars thanks to their lobiani, a baked bean cake with Georgian spices, as well as their classic khachapuri with chicken and mushrooms.

For the ultimate comfort food, the shashlik with pork, onion, tomato and Georgian spices will not disappoint. Whatever you choose, you’re always in for a flavour filled feast here.

Try the baguette with hummus at Dobro Dobro Cafe

Stare Miasto

Dobro Dobro in the Stare Miasto not only plates up tasty sandwiches (and much more), they’re also delivering the goodies right to your door. Whether it is a late breakfast or a quick lunch break, you can always rely on their classic baguette with hummus and grilled vegetables, as well as their kaiser roll with egg and salmon.

You can always rely on their classic baguette with hummus and grilled vegetables

Fancy something sweet? The challenging mission to choose between their waffles with banana, Nutella and M&M’s and their pancakes with caramel and fruit is entirely up to you.

Sushipak delivers the best nigiri sushi in Wroclaw


Located in the popular Nadodrze neighbourhood, Sushipak delivers one of the best sushi in Wroclaw. Locals rave about their classic nigiri sushi with salmon and their sushi California Ebi with boiled shrimp, Philadelphia, avocado, lettuce, and tobiko. On the spicier side, the futomaki with spicy salmon tartare in tempura, Philadelphia, avocado and cucumber is an absolute must-try for anyone who likes it hot.

Korean street food at Chingu Korean BBQ

Plac Grunwaldzki

Chingu prides itself on its incredible selection of authentic Korean dishes, making them our go-to spot for flavourful Korean street food in Wroclaw. Kick off your feast with the classic bibimbap, a Korean rice dish with beef, fried egg, carrot, red pepper, mung bean sprouts, spinach, shiitake mushrooms and sesame.

Another favourite is the bulgogi udon chicken noodles with lettuce, kimchi, chives and sesame. Whatever you chose, don’t forget to order some kimchi on the side.

Polish cuisine at Kotlet Schabowy

Przedmieście Oławskie

As the name suggests, Kotlet Schabowy is where you head for the best kotlety schabowe in Wroclaw. We’re huge fans of the pork chop Hawaiian with, yes, pineapple, cheese, potatoes, and a salad side. If you rather rely on classics, the highlander pork chop with mushrooms is our top pick as well as the pork chop Englishman with bacon, tomato, fried eggs, and potatoes. Having a hard time to choose? Their creamy homemade tomato soup is always a great way to start.

We’re huge fans of their pork chop Hawaiian with pineapple

Israeli cuisine at Jaffa Bar & Market

Stare Miasto

Jaffa Bar & Market will transport you straight to the street food markets of Tel Aviv. It’s likely you’ll uncover a few unfamiliar names on the menu, so your best bet is to go for the meze, a set of delicious vegetarian snacks. Among them you’ll find olives, roasted cauliflower, and eggplant, which go well with the yogurt, mint sauce, and homemade falafels. These are combined with the baba ghanoush, eggplant paste with sesame, and a serving of tabbouleh or bulgur salad with a strong parsley flavor.

Of course, no meze should come without hummus, and you can order yours in a set or as a separate dish. There are also pits, generously stuffed with shawarma, breaded cod or chicken liver, and the meatless version with fresh vegetables and eggs. Served with fries, they’ll satisfy even the biggest hunger

If you love Thai food, Jungle is your new go-to spot in Wroclaw.

Curry massaman at Jungle – Kuchnia Azjatycka


If you love Thai food, Jungle is your new go-to spot in Wroclaw for Thai curry and wok noodles. We are obsessed with their curry massaman cooked with coconut milk and massaman curry paste, peas, broccoli, red onion, carrot, mini corn, and served with jasmine rice and black sesame.

Another favorite is the teriyaki chicken with cashew nuts, onion, carrot, red pepper, mini corn on the cob, and teriyaki sauce, served with jasmine rice and chives. If noodles are more your jam, the pad sews with rice noodles, broccoli, pak choy, green peas, sprouts, coriander, peanuts, and ginger-soy sauce will not disappoint.

Seafood lovers  are well looked after at Seafood Bar & Market

Stare Miasto

Seafood Bar & Market‘s popularity grew quickly amongst local foodies, resulting in three locations, two in Wroclaw and one in Świdnica.

The classic fish & chips served with coleslaw and tartar sauce is a staple here, but we also love the grilled shrimp sandwich packed with tomato, lettuce, mango-chili sauce, and served with a side of home-made chips. After something lighter? The shrimp salad with Argentinian shrimps, pineapple, celery, carrot, cucumber, tomato, fresh lettuce, vinaigrette, and bread is what you’re after.

Craving an authentic Neapolitan pizza? Brusco is what you’re after.

Neapolitan pizza at Brusco

Stare Miasto

Craving an authentic Neapolitan pizza? Brusco is what you’re after. Scoring 5/5 reviews on, the team here plates up the best woodfired pizza in Wroclaw.

Standouts include the pizza blu topped with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola piccante, red onion chutney, and jalapenos, and the ortolan pizza with mozzarella, provolone piccante, dried tomatoes, grilled pepper, grilled eggplant, and pecorino romano. When it’s time for dessert, the homemade tiramisu will win your heart. 

Culto for a crowd pleasing tartare

Stare Miasto

New kid on the block Culto has quickly become a favourite amongst Wroclaw foodies. Known for its tartare menu, you can’t skip on the truffle tartare with capers, shallots, potato rosti, truffle mayo, and fresh truffle.

If raw meat isn’t top of your hitlist, then opt for the Culto fried chicken brooch, a buttered bread packed with fried chicken in a spicy marinade, mayo miso, kimchi cucumber, pickled red onion, and chives.

For those searching for an energy boost, the turbo vege won’t disappoint.

The glazed ribs at Concept Stu Mostów 


Plating up simple yet satisfying dishes, you can always rely on Concept Stu Mostów for a hearty meal. There’s no going back once you’ve tucked into their caramelized challah with fish paste, mayonnaise, nuts, and lemon, and you’ll be equally obsessed with the glazed ribs covered in hazelnut sprinkles and ranchera sauce.

Bułka z Masłem for a heavenly breakfast

Stare Miasto

Vegetarians and vegans alike are spoiled by choice at Bułka z Masłem. Expect world-class breakfast options like vegan scrambled eggs and butter pancakes topped with cottage cheese, homemade jam, vanilla sauce, and seasonal fruits.

For those searching for an energy boost, the turbo vege breakfast with fried tomatoes, red beans, onion, baked eggs, and roasted bread won’t disappoint.

If you can never say no to a homemade pizza, Brusco is your new go-to place for delicious carbs.

Treat yourself to authentic Vietnamese food at District Saigon

Stare Miasto

District Saigon is the newest spot in Wroclaw for Vietnamese food. Everything here is prepared from scratch by Paweł Bieganowski, a nomad chef that has traveled throughout Asia and now brings the best of Vietnam to your plate.

Our favorites include the pho bo with boiled beef, the spring rolls packed with tofu, vegetables and served with nouc cham sauce, and the traditional Vietnamese chicken broth curry with pho ga and coconut milk served with rice.

Bułka z Masłem
Thin crust pizza at Brusco

Stare Miasto

If you (like us) can never say no to a homemade pizza, Brusco is your new go-to place for delicious carbs.

The pizza blu with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola piccante, red onion chutney, and jalapenos is our top pick, and if you’re after something lighter their salads,  like the pear and halloumi with marinated pears, grilled halloumi with grapes, and drizzled in vinaigrette, this super salad is served with not one but three seriously good focaccias.

Pietro Pan Pizza for a perfectly stuffed calzone


Plating up thin-crust pies and juicy burgers, it will come as no surprise that Pietro Pan Pizza is one of Wroclaw’s favourite family-style restaurants. Who can resist their pirate pizza topped with ham, salami, mushrooms, pepperoni, chili and tabasco? You definitely shouldn’t walk past their filled calzones; like the tinkerbell treat with spinach, egg and garlic.

You definitely shouldn’t walk past their filled calzones.

Whilst burger lovers are seriously spoilt for choice thanks to their bespoke creations, like the captain with bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, arugula and ketchup, we wouldn’t be surprised if this also happens to be one of the best burgers in town.

If you’re feeling fancy, this is the spot


Fusing Mediterranean and French cuisine, Pod Papugami has become one of the most sought after hotspots in Wroclaw, thanks to award-winning chef Mariola Monczak. The menu is packed with fresh and seasonal ingredients; like the beef tenderloin carpaccio with pickled onions, capers, long-ripening cheese and herbs.

Our top pick for mains is the simple yet incredibly flavourful ratatouille with zucchini, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, onions and herbs. When it’s time for dessert, don’t forget to order the kogel mogel, a whipped egg yolk cream topped with fruit, ice cream and crumble.

Restauracja Balkon for homemade broth with noodles


Restauracja Balkon is where you turn for a big plate of your favourite comfort food. Begin with a warm bowl of homemade soup, like their broth with noodles, carrots and parsley, before moving on to the rest of the menu. Stuffed with everything from Russian cheese to meat, the main event here are without a doubt the pierogi. Their pierogi feast says it all, a serving of fried Russian dumplings with herb yoghurt sauce that is perfect for sharing.

Restauracja Balkon is where you turn for a big plate of your favourite comfort food.

If you’re craving meat, then cast your eyes to the street food menu; our hot tip is the giant ciabatta filled with Croatian pljeskavica, ajvar, sweet and sour cucumber, tomato, lettuce and spicy habanero peppers.

Best of Bharat is our favourite Indian restaurant in Wroclaw

Stare Miasto

With countless five-star reviews raving about it’s biryani, Best of Bharat is a local favourite for authentic Indian food in Wroclaw. Take our advice and don’t skimp on the starters here; the fried paneer chili cheese with garlic, onion and paprika has just the right amount of spice, and pairs well with the veg samosa drizzled with mint and tamarind sauce. For a traditional dish with a twist, try the green tikka chicken marinated in spinach and cilantro that comes hot from a tandoor oven with a side of two different salads.

Discover the tastes of Japan at Jadłbym Sushi & Ramen

Stare Miasto

Jadłbym Sushi & Ramen is heaven on earth for anyone that loves  Japanese food. This Wroclaw gem boasts a raft of sushi rolls and steamy ramen bowls, with quite literally an option for everyone. To sample a little bit of everything, opt for one of their colourful sushi sets; like crispy tempura vegetables, breaded squid rings and prawns, salmon hosomaki in tempura, shrimp futomaki in cilantro tempura, and butter futomaki.

This Wroclaw gem boasts a raft of sushi rolls and steamy ramen bowls.

If you’re looking to order a healthy lunch, the convenient lunch set with a butter futomaki roll and a grilled salmon uramaki sushi will sort you out.

WrapMe! for the guacamole smart wrap


WrapMe! delivers a wholesome and filling lunch right to your door. From quesadillas to tasty wraps, their menu showcases a plethora of tempting options. Our top pick is the wege guacamole smart wrap with chickpea paste, guacamole, carrot, pepper, cabbage salad, cilantro, spinach and chili and peanut sauces.

On days when you’re seriously starving, go for the XXL California chicken bacon wrap with potatoes, onion, tomatoes, aioli, guacamole and a honey mustard sauce.

Bar Jak u Mamy for a budget-friendly lunch


Serving up tasty, and budget-friendly meals, Bar Jak u Mamy has been a local favourite for years. From their chicken in a creamy dill sauce to pork chop with gravy, order both to create your own at home feast. For a filling snack on the go, you can’t go past a plate of their freshly made pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms. You’ll want to keep some room for dessert because their homemade nalesniki pancakes with strawberry jam are absolutely mouth watering.

Their homemade nalesniki pancakes are absolutely mouth watering.

Peruwiana is dishing up Peruvian food in Wroclaw

Stare Miasto

Introducing Peruvian food to Wroclaw, Peruwiana has shaken up the local food scene. Whether you’re new to Peruvian cuisine or a faithful devotee, for starters you’ll want to order a serve of the papa rellena, or fried potato balls filled with meat,  drizzled with cheese sauce and topped with a spicy aji amarillo paste, marinated onion and cilantro.

When it comes to mains, the showstopper is undoubtedly the verde kamosa bowl with green quinoa, mango marinated in passion fruit, oyster mushrooms, cilantro aioli, fried hibiscus flowers, edamame, pomegranate seeds and an extra topping of your choice; we also vote for the prawns in tempura.

Pierogarnia N1 makes the best dumplings in town


If you can’t get enough of the traditional Polish pierogi, you’re at the right address: the team at Pierogarnia N1 are experts on dumplings of all kinds. We love the pierogi filled with apple and turkey, but the salmon dumplings with spinach and white cheese are no less tasty. If you’re leaning more towards the Russian pelmeni, try them filled with wild forest mushrooms. There’s a plethora of options for the afternoon sweet tooth as well; our top pick are the sweet sour cherry pierogi.

Our top pick are the sweet sour cherry pierogi.

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