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Amrit Kebab Warsaw

Gjennomsnittlige 3 av 8223 stjerners anmeldelser

Enjoy a freshly prepared kebab from the comfort of your home or office, thanks to Amrit Kebab delivery in Warsaw. The Amrit Kebab menu has been delighting tastebuds around Poland since 2007, serving Middle-Eastern and European dishes. Choose from delicious meaty kebabs, tasty chicken kebabs and more. There are enough options to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Try some simple skewers or go for a mega chicken dish served with the chef's soup. Don't forget to try one or more of Amrit's sweets, such as baklava and halva. Order Amrit Kebab in Warsaw today for a convenient meal.

Amrit Kebab restaurants in Warsaw

Bestill hos Amrit Kebab i Warszawa

(8223) (8.2k)

Amrit Oriental Food Warszawa, Mickiewicza

Tyrkisk, Kebab
2,00 zł
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