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Krowarzywa Łódź

Note moyenne 4.5 sur 382 avis

Healthy, fast food for vegans and vegetarians is possible with a Krowarzywa delivery in Łódź. Absolutely everything on the Krowarzywa menu is plant-based so you can feel free to order whatever you want. Enjoy burgers with patties made from tempeh, chickpeas, carrots and millet with all the trimmings including alfalfa sprouts and pickles. Or try a wrap with those fillings along with vegan pastrami, tofu and pea protein. There is also the option to go for a salad or kebab or choose from deliciously-nutritious smoothies when you order Krowarzywa in Łódź.

Krowarzywa Restaurants Łódź

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Krowarzywa Piotrkowska

Végétalien, Burgers, Wraps
Dès 11:00
Dès 11:00
4,99 zł
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