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Collect Pyszne.pl stamps and order food with discount

Pyszne.pl stamp cards

Every of our delivery services has the possibility to offer stamp cards to loyal customers. As soon as you've collected five virtual stamp cards at a participating restaurant, you'll get a discount on your next order, which is 10% of the sum of your 5 previous orders.

How do you collect stamps?

To get a stamp you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Order at a restaurant, which is participating in our stamp card program. (Unfortunately you can't see it in advance, but you'll get an email as soon as you've collected a stamp.)
  • About 20 minutes after your order you'll get an email which confirms the receipt of a stamp
  • Following stamps will also be added via email after every successful order
  • You have to subscribe to the Pyszne.pl newsletter and never unsubscribe it
  • You need an account, as the whole process only works via email

When do you get your voucher?

  • As soon as your stamp card is full, you'll get an email with your customized voucher code
  • The voucher is only redeemable at that restaurant
  • The voucher doesn't have to be redeemed completely within the first order, as it's valid for 90 days
  • The minimum order value of the restaurant applies to the redemption
  • The voucher can only be redeemed in combination with online payment and is not combinable with other promotions.

What's my voucher's value?

If you have a full stamp card, you'll get a discount on your next order which is 10% of the sum of your 5 previous orders.

For example: If you've placed five orders with an order value of 20€ each, you'll get a 10€ discount.

Why didn't I get a stamp?

This could have different reasons:

  • The restaurant doesn't participate in the stamp card program
  • Your stamp is in your spam mailbox
  • You unsubscribed our newsletter
  • You've used another email address this time
  • Your order was cancelled

Other matters

  • You can also collect more stamps if the stamp card is already full
  • If you've collected several stamp cards at one restaurant, you can choose which one you'd like to redeem.
  • Stamp cards are not combinable with other promotions - you don't get a stamp for an order that was placed with another discount
  • Stamp cards or single stamps can't be transferred to another person or restaurant
  • In your user account you won't find any information about your stamp card - you'll get all important information via email

Stamp cards are a loyalty bonus, which are offered by registered restaurants on Pyszne.pl to their customers. For that reason the restaurants have the control to choose if and how long the program will be offered. In case you've already collected stamps at a restaurant, which cancelled the program, you've got six more months to fill up your stamp card and redeem it.
In case a restaurant quits its business relations to Pyszne.pl, you only have time to redeem your stamp cards until the end of the contract. After that the stamp cards at this delivery service will lose their value.