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Amrit Kebab

Average 3.5 stars out of 8220 reviews

Enjoy a tasty kebab in the comfort of your home with Amrit Kebab delivery in Poland. The Amrit Kebab menu offers a wide selection of classic Syrian dishes, including delectable barak dumplings and vegetarian dulma. You can choose from succulent meat dishes, like marinated Turkish chicken or a crispy Arabic tenderloin. You can also indulge in tasty vegetarian classics, like stuffed aubergine or a falafel pita loaded with hummus. With such a great variety, Amrit Kebab is perfect for a light snack or an evening feasts. When you order Amrit Kebab in Poland, don't forget to try Amrit's special sweets, like baklava or halva.

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Поръчай с Amrit Kebab в Warszawa

(8220) (8.2k)

Amrit Oriental Food Warszawa, Mickiewicza

Турска, Кебап
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